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The person we are going to talk about today is one of the best football players in the world.

he is a Brazilian footballer and his name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite he is more famous than his real name than the nickname kaka .

The football player was born (April 22, 1982) in Brasilia, Brazil. Kaka has retired from his football career and was a Brazilian footballer who played as a midfielder for Brazil and Serie A club AC Milan. And later he used to play for Real Matriculation which is the most successful club in the world

He used to play tennis when Kaka started playing in his early days.

After this Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite decided that he would play football and concentrate on it and later on he proved to be right in this idea too.

Kaká Brazilian footballer, (Kaká Biography)

parents information: – Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite was born a Brazilian man Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite who was a civil engineer and his mother Simone dos Santos who was an elementary school teacher was born in his home and both parents had jobs Used to

Kaká’s Parents
Father:- Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite
mother:- Simone dos Santos

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite was raised financially well and safely from the beginning, allowing them to go to school and play at the same time and to focus on both school and football at the same time It is said that his younger brother Rodrigo is known by his (Digao) name as well as his cousin Eduardo Delani is also a footballer by profession

His family moved to Sao Paulo when Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite was 7 years old

His school then organized a local youth club called “Alphaville” where they qualified for the finals in a local tournament where they were discovered by hometown club Sao Paulo.

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite Nickname:-

Today if Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite is known as Kaka, it is due to his brother Digao

When Digao was younger, he had some difficulty in speaking his elder brother’s name to Ricardo, which caused him to start speaking Kaka to his brother, and later the nickname Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite was developed.

Name:- Kaká
DOB:- 22 April 1982
Real Name:- Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite
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Kaká’s career:-

Kaka started his career in Sao Paulo at the age of 8, Kaka signed a contract of 15 to lead the young squad of Sao Paulo to the glory of the Copa de Juvenile.

He made his senior debut in January 2001 and scored 12 goals in 27 matches.

In addition to leading Sao Paulo to their first and only Torneo Rio-São Paulo Championship, in which they scored two goals in two minutes as a substitute against Botafogo in the final, which was won 2–1 by Sao Paulo

After this Kaka scored 10 goals from 22 matches and soon he also attracted the attention of clubs from other countries. One of them is European club Kaka made a total of 58 appearances for Sao Paulo and out of this he scored 23 times.

Swimming pool accident:-

Once with friends Kaka also became a swimming pool accident, due to which he suffered a lot of injury in Reed’s bone, which also put a threat on Kaka’s career, after which he slowly recovered completely. Have become

And Kaka gives all the credit to God for correcting this and since then Kaka started sending his earnings to the church.


Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite was playing with AC Milan in Moscow. Kaka was signed by AC Milan in 2003 with $ 8.5 million. The club’s owner Silvio Berlusconi described it as “peanuts” a few years ago and Kaka took 1 month. Broke the starting lineup within

After this AC Milan gave Kaka a chance to prove himself as the best football player

2003 to 2004: Attendance 45 – Goal 14 – 5 assists

He scored 10 goals out of 30 this season.

2004 to 2005: Attendance 51- Goal assists 9-7

In this he scored 3 shells in 6 minutes and eventually won two out of 3 matches on penalties, one of the biggest finals in the history of the competition, a widely regarded match, with Kaka very short in the first half; He won the opening free-kick for the first time

2005 to 2006: Attendance 49- Goals 19-5 assists

Milan finished once again as runners-up in Serie A in Milan, and in which Kaka scored 17 goals in the league, he was also selected to be part of both the UEFA Team of the Year and FIFPro World XI for the first time in his career. I went

2006 to 2007: Attendance 48 – Goal 18 – Assists 9

Kaka won the Champions League title and when Milan beat Liverpool 2–1 on 23 May 2007

2007 to 2008: Attendance 41 – Goals 19 – 12 assists

Time magazine named Kaka in the Time 100 and on its list of the 100 most influential people in the world on 2 May and on 14 October, they put their footprints on the sidewalk of the Estadio do Mercana in a space dedicated to the memory of the country’s top players

Real Madrid :-

Kaka once again completed his transfer to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 for € 68.5 million deal

Kaka then moved on and Kaka’s first season in Real Madrid was not good.

In LaLiga, Kaka were behind Barcelona because in the champions league, Leon was better

He played 30 matches and was successful in scoring 9 times out of those 30 matches.

On 5 August 2010, Real Madrid announced that Kaka had undergone a successful surgery on a left knee injury for a very long time and would face up to four months after Kaka returned after a long wait and was then commented by manager Jose Mourinho That Kaka’s return from injury was like a new signing

In March 2011, Kaka was suffering from a disease called iliotibial band syndrome that caused him to be sidelined for a few weeks.

Kaka concluded his season with seven goals and 6 assists in all match competitions over 20 seasons.

On 27 September 2011, Kaka experienced one of their best matches as a Real Madrid player during their 3–0 win over Ajax in the Champions League

On 29 August 2013, Kaka expressed his desire to leave Real Madrid, scoring 29 goals and providing 32 assists in 120 appearances in all competitions over four seasons at the club, and then in an open letter on Twitter to Real Madrid and its fans Said goodbye forever

Return to Milan:-

After all this, Milan once again confirmed that Kaka will join the Real Madrid club on 2 September 2013. He signed a 2-year contract after agreeing to personal terms. 4 million nett and was given the number 22 shirt and the same shirt he wore for Milan during his first spell

Orlando City: – Kaka joined the MLS franchise Orlando City as his first named player in the future and said that he always wanted to play for the United States

And after signing for Kaka Orlando City, Kaka became the highest-paid player in MLS history with a base salary of $ 6.6 million per year and $ 7.2 million each year

Club Owner: – When and which club did he win the match played by Kaka

sr.YearClub Owner
12000Copa São Paulo de Juniors
22001Sao Paulo: Tornio Rio-São Paulo
32002Supercomponato Paulista
42004Milan: Serie A
52004Italian Super Cup
62007Champions League
72003-2007Ufa Super Cup
82007FIFA Club World Cup
92002Brazil: FIFA World Cup
102005-2009FIFA Confederation Cup

Honors: – Now we talk about where Kaka got the honor of where and at what place Kaka got many honors in life.

Kaka gets this honor by São Paulo

Tornio Rio – Sao Paulo: 2001


  1. Serie A: 2003–04
  2. Supercopa Italiana: 2004
  3. UEFA Champions League: 2006-07
  4. UEFA Super Cup: 2007
  5. FIFA Club World Cup: 2007
  6. Real Madrid [14]
  7. La Liga: 2011–12
  8. Copa del Rey: 2010–11

Kaka’s played International match’s

  1. Brazil
  2. FIFA World Cup: 2002
  3. FIFA Confederation Cup: 2005, 2009

Kaka received all these honors from the beginning of his football career.

New Girlfriend Personal Life:-

kaka started his personal life on 23 December 2005.He married his childhood girlfriend Caroline Celico on 23 December 2005 at the Christ Church of São Paulo.

Both these couple have two children

After 3 years of marriage, their first child, Luca Celico Leite, was adopted on 10 June 2008 in Sao Paulo, this is their son.

His daughter Isabella was born on 23 April 2011

In 2015, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos leite and Caroline Celico announced divorce through their social media accounts

Kaka’s best friend is from Brazil. He lives in Marcello Saragossa in Brazil and plays for Chivas USA.

Kaka is a former Brazilian and Sao Paulo and Rai have always been role models as Kaka’s football player

The biggest thing in Kaka’s life was that at the age of 12 Kaka became engrossed in religion and he said: “I learned that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.”

Kaka is a follower of evangelical rebirth in his Christ Church and a follower of evangelical Christianity.

In this modern age of today, Kaka is a role model for all the youth who want to become a football player.

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